“We Build Great Machines, You Machine Greatness”

• For over half a century, DN Solutions has led the machine tool industry and continues to grow and develop with pride as a leading global company powered by a spirit of constant challenge and innovation.
• DN SOLUTIONS has been a leading supplier of Machine Tools to Reputed Engineering Industries in India for the last two decades having installed more than 8,000 Machines.
SAPTECHNICAL is associated with DN SOLUTIONS since the last 25 years in this endeavor.
• DN SOLUTIONS offers more than 400 kinds of products designed to meet our customers’ diverse needs which include CNC Horizontal & Vertical Turning centers, Horizontal & Vertical Machining Centers, Double Column Machines, Boring machines, etc. covering Industries – Automotive, Aerospace, Locomotives, Oil & Gas, Pump & Valves, Medical, Die & Mold, General Engg, EV market, etc.

DHF Series
Simultaneous 5 axis HMC with a nodding head spindleRead more
DNM Series
High productivity, highly reliable CNC VMC – High speed option / BT 50 option/ long stroke optionRead more
DNT Series
8” to 12” – Box guideways CNC Turning Centers – With turnmill option / Long bedRead more
DVM Series
High precision VMC for Die & Mold applicationRead more
HC series
Compact CNC Horizontal Machining centers  with automatic pallet changer – 400 X 400 & 500 X 500 pallet sizeRead more
LYNX Series
6’ to 10” – with Turnmill option/ Long bed/ Y axis / SubspindleRead more
MYNX Series
High productivity, rigid VMC with Box guidewaysRead more
NHM / HM Series
Highly rigid, Box guideways CNC Horizontal Machining centers  with automatic pallet changer – upto 1250mm pallet size.Read more
NHP Series
High speed high productivity CNC Horizontal Machining centers  with automatic pallet changerRead more
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