“Leaders in Super abrasive Finishing systems”

  • Since 1938, Engis have used deep knowledge of natural and synthetic diamond – as well as CBN and other super abrasives
    – to help customers unlock the potential of the properly engineered surface.
  • In high-stakes manufacturing, both product performance and business profitability depend on the precision and integrity that is
    engineered into the finished surface.
  • Every attribute is vital: the condition and finish of the lapped surface, its dimensional tolerances and topography; or whether it be the precision and geometries of the holes and bores of the work piece.
  • Engis helps Manufacturers develop processes for optimizing each of these factors, so every part shipped makes a high-value contribution to the bottom line.
  • Engis Corporation’s expertise in Bore Finishing Solutions has been brought to many leading Industries in India by SAPTECHNICAL.

Engis Corporation, U.S.A - Surface engineering through diamond expertisesm